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Why Your Dog Keeps Looking Back When Walking!

With dogs being the most commonly kept pet in the western world where the majority of our readers live, we often see a wide range of questions about pet dogs from our readers.

One question that we have seen more frequently over the last couple of weeks is about why a dog keeps looking back when walking.

There could be a number of reasons why your dog keeps looking back when walking. One possibility is that they are worried about something happening behind them and want to make sure that everything is okay.

Another possibility is that they may be trying to keep track of where you are, as they may not be able to see you as well as they would like to.

Dogs have evolved with the pack mentality and often see their keepers as members of their pack.

This means that they want to know where you are at all times, as they would with any other member of their pack. If they can’t see you, they may start to worry and look back to try and find you while also keeping an eye out for potential threats to its pack while out walking.

Is It Normal For A Dog To Keep Looking Back When Out Walking?

It is normal for a dog to look back at their owners when walking, especially if the dog is ahead of you. Your dog may be just offering a not so subtle hint that it wants you to walk faster and speed up so the dog can get to its favorite park or play area quicker.

Dogs are very aware of their surroundings and want to make sure that everything is okay before moving on. If they see you behind them, they may feel more comfortable and not feel the need to keep looking back.

On the other hand, a skittish dog that is easily scared may look back at you for reassurance that another dog that it has just seen is not going to attack it.

Some dogs can be very picky about when they want to go out walking. If it is raining or windy and your dog doesn’t like the weather, it may try to get back inside as quickly as possible.

In this case, your dog may look back and refuse to walk to try and let you know that it wants to be back inside your home.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Looking Back When Walking?

If you want to stop your dog from looking back when walking, the best thing that you can do is to keep them on a short leash.

This will allow you to have more control over their movement and help to keep them focused on walking ahead. You may also want to try using some dog treats to lure them forward and keep their attention on the path ahead but this is not usually needed.

Dogs that tend not to like walking in rain or wind may need some time to adjust to the weather conditions.

Try walking them in short bursts so they can get used to being outside in different weather conditions.

If your dog is still resistant, you may want to try using a dog raincoat or dog boots to help make them more comfortable in wet weather and not look back at your house when trying to drop a hint to you that its too wet and cold for your dog.

Confidence in dogs when around other dogs can be built up over time with dog socialization. If your dog is easily scared by other dogs, try taking them to puppy classes or dog parks so they can get used to being around other dogs in a safe and controlled environment.

With patience and time, your dog will become more confident and less likely to look back at you for reassurance when out walking.

Do All Dogs Keep Looking Behind Them While Out Walking?

Most dogs will look back at their owners while out walking but some dog breeds are more prone to this behavior than others.

Dog breeds that were bred for herding often have a strong instinct to keep track of their pack and will frequently check back to see where you are.

Breeds such as the Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, and Shetland Sheepdog are all herding dog breeds that have a tendency to keep looking back while out walking.

These dog breeds are bred to work independently and often like to take the lead when out walking but still need periodic reassurance that they are doing the right thing.

Some dog breeds are naturally more independent than others. This doesn’t mean that they are disobedient or unruly, but rather that they are confident and content when left to their own devices.

These dog breeds often make good pets for people who work long hours or travel frequently as they don’t require as much attention as other dog breeds and they tend to be less likely to keep looking back at you if they walk ahead of you while out and about as they are more sure of themselves.

Why Is It Important To Offer Reassurance To Your Dog When Out Walking?

While it may seem like a nuisance to have your dog keep looking back while out walking, it is actually a sign that they are feeling insecure and need some reassurance from you.

Dogs are social animals and form strong bonds with their owners. They look to their owners for guidance and leadership and often seek reassurance when they feel uncertain or scared.

Although there are ways to build up confidence in your dog so they don’t need to keep looking back while out walking, it is still important to offer them reassurance when they do look back at you. This can be in the form of a calming voice, gentle petting, or even just a reassuring smile.

Offering reassurance to your dog when they look back at you while out walking lets them know that you are there for them and that they can rely on you. This helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and makes them more likely to trust you and follow your lead in other situations.