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Why Your Miniature Schnauzer Ears Stand Up!

Miniature dog breeds are sky rocketing in popularity right now as more and more people add one of the various miniature dog breeds to their family.

Although not one of the more commonly kept breeds, we have seen more and more people asking about keeping a miniature schnauzer in their home but many people have been asking about their miniature schnauzers ears stand up so we wanted to publish this article.

Miniature schnauzers are a smaller breed of dog and their ears are usually flat against their head. In some cases, their ears can stand up but this is not the norm.

If your miniature schnauzer’s ears do happen to stand up, it is likely due to an issue with the cartilage in their ears and this can be corrected surgically.

If you are considering getting a miniature schnauzer, or already have one, and their ears are standing up, we recommend that you take them to the vet to have the issue checked out as soon as possible.

Most veterinarians will discourage cosmetic surgery on dogs, especially for something like the ears of the dog standing up as it will offer minimal realistic benefits to the dog.

Do Miniature Schnauzers Naturally Have Pointy Ears That Stand Up?

Miniature schnauzers do not have pointy ears that stand up naturally. If you see a miniature schnauzer with pointy ears that are standing up, it is likely due to an issue with the cartilage in their ears or due to an injury to the eat where trauma can damage the ear.

Please note that we are specifically referring to a miniature schnauzer whose ears are constantly standing up and pointing, a miniature schnauzer can temporarily point its ears at times with this usually not being considered a problem.

Also keep in mind, the wind can also cause the ears of your miniature schnauzer to stand up as well as other factors without this being a problem too.

You also have to realize that different countries do have slightly different types of miniature schnauzer due to the breeding of the lines diverging. This means that each country’s kennel club can have slightly different breed standards for a miniature schnauzer and its ears.

Why Do My Minature Schnauzers Ears Stand Up?

Miniature schnauzers can have problems with the cartilage in their ears that can cause the ears to stand up.

This is often due to an injury to the ear or a problem with the cartilage itself and although it is not usually a serious issue, in rare cases, it can end up causing other problems.

If you notice the ear of your miniature schnauzer actually swelling up in addition to it standing up constantly then you should take your dog to a vet. This could be a sign of an infection or another problem and it is always best to get these things checked out as soon as possible.

Swelling in an ear that is standing up can also indicate a problem with veins or arteries restricting the blood flow in the dog but this is rare.

The vast majority of the time when a miniature schnauzer’s ears stand constantly, it is due to an injury or a problem with the cartilage and not anything serious.

How Do I Get My Miniature Schnauzer’s Ears To Lay Down?

If your miniature schnauzer’s ears are constantly standing up due to problems with an injury or infection, a veterinarian may be able to offer treatment for the dog.

If the ears are standing up due to problems with the cartilage in the ears then a vet may be able to operate on the dog to correct the issue but most vets will not go through with the procedure.

We have seen some people post on social media with various DIY method they claim can help prevent your dog’s ears from standing up but we would never recommend that you actually use any of these. Not only can they be painful for your pet dog but in many cases they will not even work.

Other than looking a little odd, there is usually no real risk to a miniature schnauzer whose ears are constantly standing up anyway.

In some areas, they will be slightly more prone to getting an ear infection due to things being able to blow in much easier but most veterinarians will be able to provide you with a preventive treatment to stop these infections developing that you apply to your miniature schnauzer once per week.

Can I Enter A Miniature Schnauzer Into Dog Shows?

Each country has their own kennel club that have their own rules and within that, each dog show have their own rules too so you will have to check if you can enter a miniature schnauzer that has ears that stand up into the dog shows.

It is unlikely that a miniature schnauzer with ears that stand up will be able to compete in the stricter dog shows.

This is due to the ears of the breed standing up being directly against the requirements for most kennel clubs no matter the country. In the USA, the kennel club specifically states “the ears are small and V-shaped, folding close to the skull.” where as the British kennel club specifically states “Neat, V-shaped, set high and dropping forward to temple.

The vast majority of other countries kennel clubs also have very similar breed standards with regards to the ears of a miniature schnauzer too. This means that in some countries, even though the issue causing a miniature schnauzer’s ears to stand up is probably not genetic, it will be excluded from the pedigree breeding pool too.