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Why Your Pet Has Greasy Fur After A Flea Treatment!

Fleas and ticks are a major from for some people who keep pets and in warmer areas, fleas and ticks can be even more common resulting in your dog, cat or other pet ending up with fleas and tricks more frequently.

This is why a huge number of people resort to using a parasite treatment on their pet each year to try and deal with the fleas and ticks in their coat.

There are a huge number of different treatments out there that work in a variety of different ways but the more effective options do usually need to be applied to the coat of your pet.

We have noticed a spike in the number of people reaching out and asking questions about their pet having greasy fur after a flea treatment so we decided to publish this article.

It can be totally normal for some flea treatments to cause greasy fur on your pet for a couple of hours or even a couple of days due to the active ingredients in the flea treatment.

Some types of fleas and ticks will also release their natural oils into the goat of your pet when they perish due to the flea treatment so this can cause the coat of your pet to be greasy too.

Is It Normal For Your Pets Fur To Be Greasy After A Flea Treatment?

It is normal for some flea treatments to cause a greasy coat on your pet due to the active ingredients in the flea treatment. This is unfortunately unavoidable and some of the better flea treatments on the market use active ingredients that will cause a greasy coat in your pet.

You can always check the label of your flea treatment to see if greasy fur is a common side effect and if it is then it is best to bathe your pet 24 hours after the treatment has been applied to their coat. This will help to remove any excess oils from their coat that might be causing the greasy fur.

The label of your specific flea treatment will offer full instructions on how to apply the treatment to your pet as well as any common side effects that might be associated with using the treatment.

It is always best to follow the instructions on the label to see if you can avoid any greasy fur or other side effects in your pet but sometimes, this will be unavoidable.

How Long Does Flea Treatment Take To Dry On Fur?

Most flea treatments take around 12 hours to full dry on fur, but some can take up to 24 hours while others can take as little as two hours. It all depends on the specific flea treatment that you are using with the more effective treatments usually taking longer to dry.

It is important to make sure that the treatment has dried fully before allowing your pet to come into contact with other animals or people, as the treatment can be harmful if it is not fully dry.

As we touched on above, checking the label of your product should be able to clarify the expected drying time of your flea treatment due to there being such a range of drying times due to different formulas being used.

When you apply a flea treatment to your pet, it’s normal with some treatments for their coat to become greasy until the treatment dries.

The active ingredients in the treatment will cause this greasy fur, but this is just temporary. The closer to being fully dry the flea treatment gets, the greasiness should start to dissipate until it is no longer greasy at all.

Does Greasy Fur After Flea Treatment Mean You Used The Treatment Wrong?

Greasy fur on your pet is unavoidable with some flea treatments and it does not mean that you have done anything wrong during the application process.

It is completely normal for some treatments to cause greasy fur as a side effect and this is something that you will just have to deal with until the treatment has fully dried.

One thing that we would try to stress is that some flea treatments may not initially be greasy but if your pet licks its coat where the flea treatment is or the coat of your pet gets wet during the treatment and the treatment is not removed, their coat may end up being greasy.

This is why it is usually important to try and keep your pet as dry as possible until you are ready to remove the flea treatment from them.

Depending on the specific flea treatment that you are using, you may have to leave your treatment on for hours at a time.

In special cases when the flea or tick infestation in your pet is so bad that you need a special treatment from your vet it may take days for the treatment to work meaning your pet may have greasy fur for the full time.

Are There Any Flea Treatments That Don’t Make A Pets Fur Greasy?

There are some flea treatments that don’t make a pets fur greasy but they are usually less effective than the greasier treatments.

This greasiness is caused by the active ingredients in the treatment and these greasy ingredients are what actually kill the fleas or ticks quickly.

So, if you want an effective flea treatment then you will most likely have to put up with greasy fur for a short time after applying the treatment.

If you are not willing to deal with greasy fur, then you may want to consider using an oral flea treatment that will kill the fleas from the inside out without greasing up your pet’s fur.

Just keep in mind that oral flea treatments or the none greasy spray treatments often take longer to work and have a strong smell that some pets and people do not like.

How Long Does Frontline Stay Greasy?

The greasiness caused by Frontline usually disappears around 12 hours after application but this will depend on the specific pet that you are treating.

Just like with other flea treatments, the greasiness is caused by the active ingredients in the treatment and as these ingredients start to work, the greasiness should start to dissipate when the treatment starts to dry.

Can You Stop K9 Advantix Causing Greasy Fur?

There is no way to stop K9 Advantix from causing greasy fur but, as we touched on above, the greasiness is caused by the active ingredients in the treatment and these are what actually kill the fleas quickly.

The greasy fur when using K9 Advantix is to be expected due to how the treatment actually works and although the greasy fur is a pain, the trade of is that the treatment is reliable and works very well.