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Can You Get A Long Haired Great Dane?

With there being so many different types of “designer dogs” out there right now such as the Labradoodle that has seen a huge spike in popularity making breeders a huge amount of money, breeders for other types of dogs have been playing around to make new designer dogs with mixed success.

One of these new breeds that is starting to see a slow but steady increase in popularity is the “long haired great dane” with more and more people reaching out about the breed with each month that passes.

With there being a large amount of confusion out there about the long haired great dane and more and more people asking various questions about them with each month that passes, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the breed.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand the origins of a long haired great dane as well as avoid some common scams that breeders are starting to try pull to get higher prices for their pups.

Please note that the long haired great dane is a huge dog that is not the ideal option for everyone so just because you seen a photograph of how cute they look on social media, does not mean that you should add one to your family.

Although rare, we do see people make this mistake with these designer dog breeds time and time again and it usually results in a number of problems down the line, especially with the larger breeds like a long haired great dane.

Can You Get A Long Haired Great Dane?

Although you can get “long haired great dane” the term is used for a unique dog breed that is only half great dane and is not actually a purebred great dane that has long hair.

This leads to a large amount of confusion with buyers of long haired great danes often paying way more than they should due to the dogs not being pedigree.

We have even seen reports from buyers of long haired great dane puppies saying that the breeders were trying to convince them that their long haired great dane pups were purebred great danes and trying to get an astonishing amount of money for the pups.

If anyone selling a long haired great dane ever tries to claim that the puppy is a pedigree great dane then simply walk away as they are lying to you.

There are a number of photographs on social media showing long haired great danes that actually look like a great dane with long hair but this is not a guarantee of what your long haired great dane will look like as it grows either.

Due to the long haired great dane being such a new type of dog, there are no established lines that consistently produce dogs that look like that and it is just as likely that your dog may start to look more like its other parents breed as it grows.

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How Do You Breed A Long Haired Great Dane?

The majority of long haired great danes are bred by pairing a male great dane with a female afgan hound with some people referring to them as the “afgan dane” rather than a long haired great dane.

A female great dane paired with a male afgan hound does happen but the pups tend to look more like the afgan hound than the great dane so most people use a mal great dane for the pairing.

There are a few other pairings that have been successful at producing pups that still look like a great dane but have a much longer coat than normal but these have all but faded out.

This is due to the pairing of a male great dane with a female afgan hound tending to have the highest chance of producing puppies that look like great danes but have longer hair.

Although people are starting to try and for lines of long haired great danes for breeding, they are still years or even decades away from having anything that can consistently produce these puppies.

With so many of these designer dog breeds usually only being popular for five years or less until the next designer dog breed comes along, we feel that all of this effort to create these long haired great dane lines will have been wasted.

Are Long Haired Great Danes Pedigree?

Long haired great danes are not pedigree and are usually the result of pairing a great dane with an afghan hound.

Most kennel clubs around the world specifically state that excessively long hair in a great dane is a fault in the breed and pups that possess long hair will either not be given their pedigree certificate or awarded their certificate but given a breeding ban.

We expect the breeders of long haired great danes to apply to the various kennel clubs to have the breed recognised as its own individual breed in a decade or so once their lines are established but it is unlikely that the breed will be accepted.

There are a large number of these designer dog breeds that are much more popular than the long haired great dane will ever be that are rejected by the kennel clubs.

At the time of writing, the breed is so inconsistent with the puppies that are produced that there are a wide range of possibilities of what the pups could look like as they grow too.

This not only results in a large number of disappointed buyers but also a lack of standards to hold the breed to when trying to build up the original blood lines.

Why Do People Breed Long Haired Great Danes?

As with most designer dogs, the majority of people breeding long haired great danes are doing it to make money.

We are unaware of why the original pups that went viral on social media were bred but as with most cute looking puppies that go vital, demand soon follows so breeders start to churn them out.

In our opinion, a pure bred great dane or a pure bred afgan hound will be better suited to the practical needs of each bred with a long haired great dane falling short on both making them a visual dog breed.

This is common for designer dog breeds as the breeders are essentially taking two established breeds that have a practical use as working dogs and then producing a puppy that has no practical use and has no guarantee of looking like many people want it to look.

As we touched on back at the start of the article, it is not a good idea to ever add a dog to your family due to the way that it looks never mind as a spontaneous decision due to seeing some photographs on social media.

As a long haired great dane can grow to be extremely large, they can often be more work than most people think with it being more likely that these dogs will end up in shelters once people realise the amount of time and effort they require.


That brings our article going over the long haired great dane to an end. We hope that you have found it helpful and that we have been able to point out the various downsides of the breed. Although a long haired great dane may look cute as a puppy, there is no guarantee of what the puppy will look like once it grows into an adult dog. There are definitely more downsides to owning a long haired great dane than upsides for most people with other dog breeds usually being a much better fit for the majority of our readers.