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Does Melafix Work?

As the number of people in the fish keeping hobby continues to increase at a rapid pace, we are seeing more and more questions from the community regarding taking care of their fish in different situations.

With Melafix and Pimafix being two of the best treatments on the market for fish that work well with a wide range of different conditions, it is easy to see why we get so many questions about using both treatments.

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed a spike in the number of people asking does Melafix work so we wanted to publish our own article on the topic.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand just how good Melafix actually is and why it has such an excellent reputation amongst the community that just keeps on getting better.

We usually see a number of slightly different questions about the effectiveness of Melafix so we wanted to cover them all in this article to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

The table of contents below should make it very easy to quickly skip to specific sections of the article that our readers may need information for with the general theme of the article going how good Melafix actually works.

Does Melafix Work?

Melafix does work very well for quickly and easily treating a wide range of common conditions in fish.

With its tea tree extract active ingredient and Melafix being very beginner friendly to use while also being easy to dose correctly, it is one of the more popular treatments on the market for everything from fin rot to dropsy and many things in between.

As we covered in our ultimate Pimafix vs Melafix comparison, the Melafix product from API is often considered the better of the two for more sensitive fish or for treating fish in a tank with sensitive plants or corals.

It is generally considered that Pimafix is slightly stronger than Melafix though and will often work quicker due to its active ingredient being Indian Bay Tree extract.

For the vast majority of our readers though, provided you catch the condition in your fish early enough, both Melafix or Pimafix should easily be able to help your fish back to full health quickly and without issue.

Many fish keepers actually keep both products in their fish keeping accessories as you can often compound the active ingredients in both Melafix and Pimafix to get better results quicker too.

How Long Does Melafix Take To Work?

Melafix will start to work within minutes of being added to the water supply of your fish with problems but it can take a few days before you see any visual improvement in the condition of your pet fish.

Different conditions will take different timeframes for Melafix to treat too with some conditions often being treated in as little as a week when using Melafix on your fish.

The longer the condition in your fish has been left to develop will also play into how long it will take for Melafix to work and treat the condition too though.

If your fish has something like tail rot and the rot has been left for a couple of weeks to set in then it will make it harder for Melafix to treat the condition quickly so catching any potential problems in your fish as early as possible is always going to be the best option.

As we touched on earlier in the article, you are also able to compound the benefits of the active ingredients in Melafix and Pimafix by using them both at the same time in slightly different doses.

This does tend to be for advanced cases of various illnesses that have had time to develop or for some parasitic infections in your fish but this can sometimes help to heal your pet fish quicker than a single product would be able to heal it.

What Does Melafix Treat?

Melafix has the proven ability to help treat fin rot, tail rot, dropsy, malawi bloat, bacterial septicemia, eye cloud, open red stored, mouth fungus, and body slime issues in your fish. When mixed with Pimafix, Melafix can also be used to treat a number of parasitic infections too.

As we covered in our article on using Melafix for popeye in your fish, you can often use Melafix for off-label treatments too and still get excellent results.

If your fish has a fungal infection then Melafix will offer minimal benefit if any in all honesty as the tea tree extract active ingredient of Melafix doesn’t work well against fungus in your fish but Pimafix should be able to treat the issue.

The number one problem that we see people reporting about Melafix time and time again is that it did not treat ich in someone’s fish.

This is not a problem with Melafix as it clearly states that Melafix does not treat ich on the label of the product but people on social media still constantly recommend Melafix for ich day in day out. If your fish does have ich then you should be using a dedicated ich treatment such as Super Ich Cure to treat your fish and get it back to full health.


That brings our article going over if Melafix works to an end. In our opinion, Melafix is an excellent treatment option for a huge number of common problems in fish and its great reputation within the fish keeping community suggests that we are not alone in having this opinion. Melafix can work very well for the problems in fish that it has been designed to treat but just be sure to follow the dosing instructions on the side of the label of your Melafix to ensure that you are dosing it correctly to get your fish back to full health quickly.