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Everything You Need To Know About A Wolf Pitbull Mix! – Pitbull Wolfdogs!

As the popularity of wolf dogs continues to surge and the passionate pitbull fanbase continues to grow at a steady pace, it is easy to see why we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking various questions about a wolf pitbull mix.

There are already a number of wolf pitbull hybrids that have followings on social media due to their owners uploading photographs and videos of the dogs as they grow too helping to push more people towards looking into a wolf pitbull mix.

With there being such a large number of people reaching out each month about keeping a wolf pitbull mix, we have decided to publish our own dedicated article on this hybrid breed.

Our goal is to try and answer all of the commonly asked questions that we see asked time and time again from our readers as well as try to inform our readers about wolfdogs and wolf pitbull mixes as much as possible.

Before we go any further, we just want to quickly mention how as with most mixes and hybrids, the resulting puppy can have a mix of characteristics of both parents or take the bulk of its traits and features from a single parent.

This is exactly the same for wolfdogs with a pitbull wolf hybrid being a very high energy dog that can grow to very large sizes and be extremely powerful so they are not recommended for first-time dog owners at all.

Can You Breed A Wolf With A Pitbull?

You are able to breed a wolf and a pitbull due to both the wolf and the pitbull being from the Canis genus.

Even though the wolf is from the C. lupus species and the pitbull is from the C. familiarise species, they are from the same genus and have the same number of chromosomes required to successfully breed with each other and to produce healthy pups.

Although it is very unlikely that a wolf and a pitbull would naturally breed in the wild, all wolfdogs are bred in captivity by experienced handlers and breeders.

The majority of wolfdogs that are publically owned are 25% or less wolf with the rest of their lineage being made up of the dog breed, in this case a pitbull.

With the wolves being used to produce wolfdogs being in captivity, it is much easier for the breeders to encourage a pairing between the wolf and the pitbull to produce these wolf pitbull mixes.

In addition to this, it is easier for the breeders to track the lineage of the dogs for any selective breeding requirements.

What Do Wolf Pitbull Mixes Eat?

Pitbull wolfdogs do require a large number of calories each day with the majority of the calories coming from healthy fat sources and lean protein.

Many people who own wolfdogs will also raw feed them with meat sources too offer a more realistic diet for the wolf side of the dog.

Although there are a number of suitable commercial dog foods on the market that can work well with wolf pitbull mix dogs, it can be a much better and potentially cheaper option to order a custom dog food online for your pet.

This can help to tailor the foods nutritional profile to that of your dog to ensure that it is getting everything that it requires.

Due to most wolfdogs tending to be sensitive to carbohydrates in their diet, we would also highly recommend that you use something like a freeze dried meat treat for your wolf pitbull mix.

Not only can these be used as a general treat food option but they can also work well as a high value treat for training your dog too.

What Is A Wolf Pitbull Mixes Temperement?

Wolfdog temperaments are known to be unpredictable and even a low content wolfdog pitbull mix can still have a very unpredictable temperament and should not be kept by an inexperienced dog owner.

Even a wolf pitbull mix that has less than 10% wolf DNA can still be unpredictable and you should always keep your guard up.

Low content wold pitbull mixes that are less than 25% wolf are usually easy to train for basic tasks, especially if you take advantage of a dog training course to help you with countless tips and tricks.

This is due to wolfdogs usually being highly motivated by food and freeze dried meat treats being an excellent training aide option.

Any wolf pitbull hybrid that has more than 25% wolf lineage will usually become more and more independent and stubborn the higher its wolf lineage percentage goes.

This can make them very difficult to train correctly unless you are a professional dog trainer or wolf handler and even then they can still be a challenge in many cases.

Do Wolf Pitbull Mixes Have Health Issues?

Some pitbull lines can have a number of health problems with them such as hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and kneecap dislocation amongst other things.

Depending on the line of pitbull used for the wold pitbull mix, these health problems can transfer to your pitbull wolfdog and potentially cause problems with the dog.

Due to wolves being wild animals and the survival of the fittest motto literally being lived on a daily basis, it is rare that any health problems will be put into the wolfdog from the wolf side of the lineage due to nature usually filtering out the health problems via natural selection.

That said though, the wolf lineage does usually have to burn a large amount of energy off each day or else it will become frustrated and result in destructive behaviour.

Although this is not strictly a health problem, it is usually an undesirable trait in wolf pitbull hybrids but is all part of having a wolf dog.

If you are an active family then you may be able to keep this under control but the majority of people do tend up surprised with just how much exercise a wolfdog required every day.

What Will A Wolf Pitbull Mix Look Like?

There are no current breeding standards for wolf pitbull mix dogs with most of the wolfdogs pulling visual aspects from both parents.

If you have a standard pitbull wolfdog of 25% or less wolf lineage then there is a much higher chance that the dog will look more like a pitbull than like a wolf.

That said though, pitbulls and wolves are often popular stand-ins for hellhounds on TV and movie shows so there is a good chance that the dog will still look intimidating once fully grown.

Depending on if you need your dog for security or protection, this could be a good thing and be able to work as an advantage for you.

The coat of a wold pitbull mix dos tend to say closer to that of a wolf than that of a pitbull though, even once the wold lineage is diluted down in future generations.

In warmer areas, this may present a problem for your dog with overheating but it will usually work to your advantage in normal or colder areas.

Are Pitbull Wolf Dogs Illegal?

Wolfdogs are illegal in many areas and pitbulls are also illegal in a number of districts so the legality of a pitbull wolfdog is also considered illegal in a large number of places.

This is due to having lineage from two controlled animals that are considered to be dangerous by some local authorities.

This means that the odds of owning a pitbull wolfdog are definitely stacked against the majority of our readers with only a small number of places allowing them to be kept as pets.

Even then, you usually have to have a low yield dog that is 25% or less wolf lineage too but some places will require it to be even less.

This is why you should always check the local laws for your area prior to ordering any type of wolfdog. In some cases, the relevant laws can change town to town with one town allowing you to keep wolfdogs and then a town a few miles down the road banning them.

Are Pitbull Wolfdogs Rare?

Pitbull wolfdogs are probably the rarest type of wolfdog that is actively being bred due to most people wanting their wolfdog to look as wolf like as possible meaning that most breeders will use a husky, Alaskan malamute, or even a German shepherd as the dog for the pairing.

Still, the pitbull wolfdog does have a dedicated following that is slowly growing but we doubt it will ever be one of the more common wolfdog breeds.

You have to keep in mind that breeding wolfdogs may be a passion for many people but at the end of the day, it is a business and needs to make money as keeping wolves can be expensive.

This is why so many of the wolfdog breeders will always choose to maximize the chance of a wolfdog looking as wolf like as possible as it always has the largest number of buyers for the breeder.

We have seen people theories that in the future, a low wolf blood pitbull wolfdog may become popular but this is going to depend on the proposed upcoming regulation of both pitbulls and wolfdogs.

Depending on how the upcoming laws go, wolfdogs may be banned in even more states or require a license that looks like it could be very difficult to get for the majority of people.


That brings our article going over the wolf pitbull mix to an end. We hope that we have been able to help as many of our readers as possible who were considering getting a pitbull wolfdog. As we have mentioned all the way through the article, they really are not a suitable pet for most people and they are also illegal in a large number of places too.