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Why Your Crested Gecko Is Sneezing And How To Stop It!

Keeping reptiles as pets is increasing in popularity again and one of the reptile species that are spiking in popularity right now is the crested gecko due to it being such a beginner-friendly reptile to keep as a pet.

Although crested geckos are usually easy to keep and make relatively low maintenance pets as far as reptiles go, some people do have problems with their crested gecko sneezing so we decided to publish this article in the hope of being able to help as many of our readers as possible who have a sneezing crested gecko.

The most common thing that can cause crested gecko sneezing is a respiratory infection due to the gecko having issues breathing.

Less common issues that can cause your crested gecko to sneeze include unsuitable substrates, fungus in the tank, irritants in the air near the gecko, and issues with temperature or humidity.

If you do notice your crested gecko sneezing then it is important that you try to correct the cause of the sneezing as quickly as possible.

The longer a problem is left to develop the higher the chances of the issue causing longer term issues for your crested gecko while the sooner you start treatment, the easier it tends to be to treat the problem.

If you catch something like a respiratory infection in your crested gecko early enough then there is a large chance of your pet crested gecko being able to make a full recovery with minimal long term problems.

Sneezing Due To A Respiratory Infection!

The most common reason that a crested gecko will have problems with sneezing is due to the reptile having some form of a respiratory infection.

Depending on how serious the infection is, the infection can cause secondary symptoms in your crested gecko too and you may require medication to help return your crested gecko back to full health.

As we mentioned in our article going over crested geckos shaking their heads, a respiratory infection, especially an upper respiratory infection can be easy to miss until it is in the later stages of the infection.

Even relatively simple symptoms such as your crested gecko sneezing may not show up in your pet for the first couple of days so you really do have to keep a close eye on your crested gecko if you are new to keeping them as pets and may not know what to look out for when it comes to the early warning signs.

When it comes to treating any type of respiratory infection in your pet crested gecko, we would always recommend that you look to book a video call with a veterinarian to get professional advice specific to the situation of your pet crested gecko if possible though.

Different stages of a respiratory infection where sneezing is a symptom in your crested gecko may require different treatments so a veterinarian being able to inspect your pet and offer specific advice is always the best option.

Unsuitable Substrates Causing Sneezing!

There are a large number of unsuitable substrates on the market that are not designed for use with reptiles but beginners may accidentally use them with their crested geckos.

The dust or particles from these substrates can cause crested geckos to sneeze as the particles get trapped in the geckos nostrils but switching substrates will often fix this.

There are a wide range of different suitable crested gecko substrates on the market these days that will work find with coconut fibers or moss based substrates often being considered the best.

Just remember that younger crested geckos tend to eat more of their substrate than adult crested geckos so the best substrate option can depend on the age of your gecko.

Many people will not use any substrate for a young crested gecko or strictly stick to a dust free paper substrate in case their pet eats it.

Once a crested gecko gets older, moving them onto something like one of the suitable Eco Earth options that is dust free should be able to prevent your crested gecko from sneezing.

Shed Stuck In The Nose!

Crested geckos can shed and depending on the level of their shed they may get some dry shedded skin stuck in their nose causing them to sneeze.

This is not very common with crested geckos compared to other reptile species but it is often overlooked and can cause the reptile to sneeze until the dry skin is removed.

Most of the time you will be able to see the dry skin inside of your crested geckos nose that is causing them to sneeze.

On top of this, a crested gecko sneezing due to this will usually have more of a deliberate sneeze rather than a natural sneeze helping to give you a clue that excess shed may be the problem.

Although it is based around a bearded dragon, we have this article going over how you can help reptiles with excess shed stuck in their nose.

For the most part, you will usually be able to remove excess shed stuck in your crested geckos nose at home with minimal issues and once removed, your gecko should stop sneezing.

Mould Or Fungus In The Tank!

Both mold and fungus in your crested geckos tank can cause your pet to start sneezing while also presenting a possible infection risk too.

You should always do your best to clean any mold or fungus out of your reptile’s vivarium during your regular tank maintenance as it really can present a serious risk to your pet but thankfully, this is a rare problem in most setups.

Both mould and fungus are usually obvious to identify making it very easy to deal with this issue as soon as you notice it, often before it is even able to cause any potential health problems with your pet crested gecko.

Depending on your substrate and humidity levels, your vivarium setup may be more susceptible to the risk of mould or fungus though so keep that in mind.

We often see people new to reptile keeping thinking that they have done something wrong with the way that they are caring for their pets due to having consistent problems with mould or fungus.

If you are having this issue then tweaking your humidity slightly may be enough to prevent the issue from becoming a serious problem moving forward.

Irritation In The Air Causing Sneezing!

Scented candles and other types of ambient fragrance are becoming very popular in most homes and they can be prone to causing respiratory irritation in many pets.

If you keep your crested gecko in a room with scented candles and notice it sneezing then this could be the cause and moving your pet to a new location in your home may be enough to prevent the sneezing in the future.

In some situations, especially with young or old crested geckos, a strong perfume can be enough to cause them to sneeze too. If you keep your pet in a room where you spray your perfume or you notice that it only sneezes when you handle it then this may be the problem.

Thankfully, this is a very easy fix and limiting exposure to these sprays is usually enough to totally avoid these problems and help your pet gecko go about its life without having irritation and sneezing.


That brings our article going over why your crested gecko is sneezing and how to treat the issue to an end. Thankfully, other than a respiratory infection, it is generally easy to stop your crested gecko sneezing and the majority of people should be able to easily workout the problem and treat it without their reptile having any serious long term problems moving forward.